Bids and proposals

EOI, PQQ and RFI responses

Responding to Expression Of Interest (EOI), Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ) and Requests For Information (RFI) requests can be time-consuming and their arrival is sometimes unpredictable. I will integrate into your business and work with your subject matter experts to collate the information and respond on your behalf. Over time, I will develop a suite of information which will make responding to these requests quick and easy for myself or your internal team.


Tender design

First impressions are everything when it comes to building relationships and winning work. A tender or proposal that has been carefully put together in a compelling and engaging way will help you stand out amongst your competitors and show your audience that you have put time and effort into your bid.

Whether you need to provide an electronic submission, hard copy or both, I will provide graphic design services to ensure your proposal is memorable. Each bid is unique and I will liaise with printing suppliers on your behalf to develop a solution that works for you, which may include the design of a folder and dividers, presentation slipcase, USB or CD and tablet integration.


Bid writing

Many people may contribute to your tender, but this can result in a disjointed document that doesn’t flow and makes it hard to maintain the attention of your reader. Acting as proposal editor, I will interview each of your subject matter experts to understand the question and their technical responses in order to write the answer on their behalf. This approach ensures the winning strategy and key themes are presented consistently throughout the document.


Proposal templates

Having a suite of proposal templates will improve the speed at which you can respond to opportunities while maintaining brand consistency throughout your documentation. These templates will contain your most frequently used material, already formatted and ready to print following your edits. It will enable more people within the team to get involved and will ensure you are not reinventing the wheel each time you prepare a bid. Templates can be provided in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.


Bid consultancy

Whether you have an internal bid team or you are looking for a flexible option, I will work with you to develop a solution that works for you. We will review your current systems and processes and develop a bid toolkit, a library of frequently asked questions and appropriate responses, and a successful bid process to ensure you are ready to win your next opportunity. If you have a particular requirement you would like to discuss, please get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

“The design of the documents and quality of the submissions has been excellent and has really improved the standard of our recent tenders.”

Alex Syms, Account Manager


If you need support with a capability statement or mid or post-tender interview, you may be interested in my presentation services.